Lynn needs your help!

We are in the throes of a Special Election here in Standish. As you know, our Standish Democratic Rep., Mike Shaw, resigned his Maine House District 23 seat to move to Freeport for both personal and professional reasons. We now have 4 candidates running for that House seat and, obviously, we believe that it is critically important to keep this seat in Democratic hands. The daily actions of our erratic governor, Paul LePage, make electing a competent, clear-thinking representative even more important than ever.

I am reaching out to you because this campaign for HD 23 is a sprint to the finish line and we need your help.

We have a great candidate in Lynn Olson, who is currently Chair of the Standish Town Council and formerly served for 13 years as CFO of the Maine Community College system. Lynn is a woman who has worked hard all her life and assumed greater positions of leadership in both the private and public sector. Semi-retired now, she also has a passion for public service, is a problem-solver and has a demonstrated ability to work with reasonable people of all backgrounds. Lynn is a Clean Elections Fund candidate.

She is a great candidate but we need drivers to make sure Lynn gets to over a 1000+ doors in our community. She is committed to reaching out to voters and knocking on doors every day because that is what it will take – but she needs to concentrate on door-knocking and not driving. She also needs volunteers to canvass with her or knock on doors on her behalf. All of this is so important. If everyone steps up to help get out the vote, we will make this job easier for Lynn to be elected on November 3.

If you really believe that maintaining a Democratic voice in the legislature is critically important at this time in Maine – this is the time to step up by just committing one afternoon or morning a week for the next 4 weeks. Even giving one or two afternoons for driving or door-knocking in the next 4 weeks would make a huge difference.

Election day is just around the corner on November 3. If you wish to drive Lynn so she can knock on doors and personally reach out to voters, you can sign up on signup genius: or you can contact me directly. If you would rather canvass and knock on doors with Lynn, please contact me directly.

Maurie Hill