In 2018, Mainers will be electing a new governor.

Maine is fortunate that it has a number of talented Democrats who have stepped forward to run for governor. The Lake Region Dems, supported by the Cumberland County Dems, are sponsoring a series of meetings – conversations – with those candidates.

We want to give you a chance to meet each candidate in a way that gives you a true sense of who the candidate is and who will best represent your concerns and priorities. We invite you to attend each individual session.

Each conversation will be held at The Little Meeting House, 719 Roosevelt Trail, No. Windham. Refreshments will be served at all meetings.

Get ready to have a conversation with the candidates – one of whom, with your help, will be the next governor of Maine.

Schedule of “Conversations with the Candidates”

Sunday, October 1, 11 AM-12:30 PM: Adam Cote coteformaine.com
Sunday, October 22, 5 PM-7 PM: Diane Russell diane2018.com
Sunday, October 29, 11 AM – 12:30 PM:  Janet Mills janetmills.com
Sunday, November 5, 5-7 PM: James “Jim” Boyle boyleforgovernor.com
Sunday, November 19, 5-7 PM: Mark Eves markevesforme.com
Sunday, December 3, 5-6 PM: Betsy Sweet sweetforgovernor.com
Sunday, December 3, 6-7 PM: Patrick “Ike” Eisenhart eisenhartforgovernor.org

FMI: Maurie Hill, Lake Region Dems, 207-642-6065 or Rachel Hendrickson, Cumberland County Dems, rhndrcksn@aol.com


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3 days ago

Linda Skinner

Thanks a bunch, Susan Collins! ...

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Susan, you can run but you cannot hide. Your political career might have ended. Your only chance is to vote NO on the final bill. I urge Mainers to call her office plus write a short note to her contact site voicing your displeasure with her vote on Tax Reform and demand she vote NO on the final bill. Her contact website is at: www.collins.senate.gov/contact. Her Portland Number to call is at: (207) 780-3575. Her DC Office Number is: (202)224-2523. The Bangor Office Number is: (207) 945-0417. CALL CALL CALL. Your call could save you $1000+ in taxes and assure social programs are left intact.

Those who will be writing and/or calling...mention preserving Net Neutrality too.

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7 days ago

Harlan Baker

Hold Collins AccountableDecember 6, 2017, 12:30pmTemple St, Portland, ME 04101, United StatesWe need to show Congress that there is broad resistance to Trump’s TAX SCAM. Join us. ...

Hold Collins Accountable

1 week ago

Heidi J. Vierthaler

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders
Shocking news: what President Trump is saying about the Republican tax bill is not truthful. Trump and the Republican leadership are on television every day telling the American people how this tax bill is going to help the middle class. And yet the wealthy, who need tax breaks the least, will benefit the most, and many millions of struggling working-class and middle-class families will end up paying more in taxes.

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders

2 weeks ago

Heidi J. Vierthaler

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders
What is the future of digital media? Senator Sanders talks with journalists from NowThis, The Young Turks, AJ+ and ATTN:

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders

2 weeks ago

Rachel Hendrickson

Save the date: CCDC Meeting, January 14, 3-5pm. Location TBD.

Invited speakers: the Democratic candidates for Cumberland County District Attorney and US Senate. We will also be electing a female delegate to the Democratic State Committee to serve until the state convention in May, 2018.

Update on the 2018 Caucus and Convention.

2 weeks ago

Maurie Hill

As we look to the future, join us for light dinner and an opportunity to share thoughts and ideas with these two stimulating and innovative candidates for governor. Note that we are starting early (4PM) to allow full time with each of the candidates.

Meet two great candidates, Betsy Sweet & Patrick "Ike" EisenhartDecember 3, 2017, 4:00pmThe Little MeetinghouseJoin us for the last of the series, "Conversations With the Candidates". Meet Betsy Sweet, well known for her long term work advocating for progressive issues and helping to establish the Maine Women's Lobby.
Patrick "Ike" Eisenhart, a retired Coast Guard Commander, is recognized for his history of leadership and creative problem-solving. Note: we are starting an hour early to give you time to get to know both candidates and a sense of their thinking about issues before us. As always, it is the dinner hour so we are providing small plate foods and beverages so you can focus on these great candidates and a thought providing exchange of ideas.

Meet two great candidates, Betsy Sweet & Patrick Ike Eisenhart
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