In 2018, Mainers will be electing a new governor.

Maine is fortunate that it has a number of talented Democrats who have stepped forward to run for governor. The Lake Region Dems, supported by the Cumberland County Dems, are sponsoring a series of meetings – conversations – with those candidates.

We want to give you a chance to meet each candidate in a way that gives you a true sense of who the candidate is and who will best represent your concerns and priorities. We invite you to attend each individual session.

Each conversation will be held at The Little Meeting House, 719 Roosevelt Trail, No. Windham. Refreshments will be served at all meetings.

Get ready to have a conversation with the candidates – one of whom, with your help, will be the next governor of Maine.

Schedule of “Conversations with the Candidates”

Sunday, October 1, 11 AM-12:30 PM: Adam Cote coteformaine.com
Sunday, October 22, 5 PM-7 PM: Diane Russell diane2018.com
Sunday, October 29, 11 AM – 12:30 PM:  Janet Mills janetmills.com
Sunday, November 5, 5-7 PM: James “Jim” Boyle boyleforgovernor.com
Sunday, November 19, 5-7 PM: Mark Eves markevesforme.com
Sunday, December 3, 5-6 PM: Betsy Sweet sweetforgovernor.com
Sunday, December 3, 6-7 PM: Patrick “Ike” Eisenhart eisenhartforgovernor.org

FMI: Maurie Hill, Lake Region Dems, 207-642-6065 or Rachel Hendrickson, Cumberland County Dems, rhndrcksn@aol.com


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I'm interested in carpooling w/delegates to the State Committee meeting tomorrow in Augusta. ...

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Eli Edgecomb Kathy Bouchard (especially you 2!) <3

I'll be bringing People's Veto Ranked Choice Voting petitions for folks to sign, too!

I have to be there at 9:30. Already have a full car.

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3 days ago

Kathy Bouchard

Please sign the petition!Together, we collected more than 33,000 signatures on Election Day last week to restore election reform. That's amazing!

But don't pop the champagne cork yet. We must collect another 30,000 signatures by December 15th. The countdown is underway.

Sign up to circulate petitions and become a #MoreVoice Team Captain online here: rcvmaine.com/signature_collect

Please sign the petition!

6 days ago

Maurie Hill

Conversation with the Candidate - Mark EvesNovember 19, 2017, 5:00pmThe Little MeetinghouseMany of you know Mark because of the fine work he did in the Maine House and, ultimately, as Speaker of the House before he was recently termed out. Come and meet him. Learn about his ideas for moving Maine ahead. He wants to hear your concerns and ideas, too. This is a perfect opportunity to meet Mark and really have a chance to speak with him one-on-one in an informal setting.

Plan to attend this coming Sunday’s event from 5-7 PM at the Little Meeting House. Special guest at this “Conversation with the Candidate” will be the Honorable Mark Eves. As usual, small plate foods will be served because it is scheduled over the dinner hour.

Conversation with the Candidate - Mark Eves

1 week ago

Marie Follayttar Smith

Join us tomorrow outside of Volk Packaging in Biddeford. Ivanka, Senator Collins and State Senator Volk will be participating in a forum on tax reform. We will show up and remind them that we need a tax plan that works for #AllofUs. Rachel Hendrickson can you send this out on your list please and share with the Scarborough Dems?

Stop the Trump Tax ScamNovember 10, 2017, 12:00pmVolk Packaging CorpIvanka Trump, U.S. Senator Susan Collins and State Senator Amy Volk are meeting to discuss tax reform.. So we will show up and remind them that the GOP tax plan is not a plan that works for all of us, but instead gives tax cuts to corpoations while cutting billions from Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security.

Please park at
General marine
54 Landry st

It’s .8 miles away and we can drive down in small groups, drop people off and return.

Stop the Trump Tax Scam

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What the hell does a shoe designer know about tax reform beyond how to avoid paying them?

Thanks for posting! I’ll be there if I can change dr spot.

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2 weeks ago

Rachel Hendrickson

Last night I got a robo call from Pat Boone! I suspect the calls were targeted on folks of a certain age, because I'm not sure how much influence his "opinion" might have on voters under 60. He said that Question 2 was a BAD, BAD idea, evil, misguided, bad for seniors. No, Pat, helping 70,000 Mainers get health insurance is not a bad idea, and is not bad for seniors. And what the heck are you doing trying to influence us here in Maine? I'll bet you're not worried about your health insurance. What do you know about Mainers? Do you know that we care about our neighbors? That we want to make sure our rural neighbors have access to hospitals, that no woman has to travel two hours to a hospital to give birth? That we see the need to help those working two and three jobs, but who still can't get health care? You know diddly. I hung up. And I've already voted in favor of Question 2.

To those of you out there - have you voted yet? Today's the day.

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Yes... got the call and hung up ASAP.

Got the same stupid call. And I vote YES on 2!!!!

I thought he was not with us anymore - she said, euphemistically.

Me too.

I got that call too and hung up.

Just got another.

We use the "Hold" button on our two line phone frequently. Let them expend their telephone nickles!

And to think I used to watch his movies at the RKO Keith’s in White Plains.

Haha... Pat Boone is dead.

Me also.Mainers Unite.

We got that call too, and I think you are right - It is targeted for seniors. So glad about the results. We do care here in Maine.

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2 weeks ago

Linda Skinner

Vote! Vote! Vote! And while you are there make sure that you sign the petition for the people's veto to restore ranked choice voting! ...

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I worked in Cumberland today collecting signatures to restore Ranked Choice Voting. The response was great. We need over 60,000 signatures within the next 90 days.

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2 weeks ago

Rachel Hendrickson

Tomorrow is election day around the county. Many towns are electing their city councils and school boards. Towns are seeking funding for municipal buildings, schools, and roads. There are statewide questions on the ballot that affect Mainers from Fort Kent to Kittery. DO YOU HAVE A PLAN TO VOTE? It's an all-to-common event for folks to get up in the morning and decide not to vote then, but maybe at lunch, or maybe after work, or after the kids are in school, or before soccer practice. and then life intervenes and the polls are closing. Sit down today, take a look at your schedule, make a plan to vote, and stick to the plan. ...

3 weeks ago

Maurie Hill

Yes, still on for tonight. Looking forward to this event with Mark Dion. Join us for light dinner with spanakopita, baked beans, cider and other goodies (some left over from Halloweenie)!

A conversation with Senator Mark Dion, candidate for governorNovember 1, 2017, 6:00pmThe Little MeetinghouseJoin us for a lively conversation with candidate for governor, Senator Mark Dion. Mark has an extensive background in public safety as Cumberland County Sheriff. More recently he has served in the Maine House and was elected to the Maine Senate in 2016. We know this is the dinner hour so small plate foods will be served.

A conversation with Senator Mark Dion, candidate for governor

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Is this still taking place? Just wondered due to the storm.

Yes, it is, Michele Goldman Winterberg

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2 weeks ago

Harlan Baker

Jim Boyle, a candidate for governor in the 2018 Democratic primary, speaks to a gathering at the Little Meeting House in Windham. This is part of the Conversations with the Candidates sponsored by the Lake Region Democrats. ...

Jim Boyle, a candidate for governor in the 2018 Democratic primary, speaks to a gathering at the Little Meeting House in Windham. This is part of the Conversations with the Candidates sponsored by the Lake Region Democrats.
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